This ClosedWorlds VR experiences, individually designed for the Closed Worlds Exhibitions at WuHo Gallery in Los Angeles and UTS Sydney, Australia, demonstrated the diagrammatic cyclical performance of experimental housing projects via consumer-friendly VR headsets.

An interactive educational interface, the customized app enables you to virtually walk-through the ecological house, designed and constructed in 1972 by Graham Caine, a member of the anarchist group Street Farmers. The house was built as a laboratory and a living experiment which he lived in for two years with his family and which has since been destroyed. The VR experience initiates with you looking up at the greenhouse above. Different sounds and experiences evolve as users virtually move through the house that allow them to follow the flow of the energy and materials through this closed world. The garden quietly grows above one's head while birds chirp. The busy man seated on the toilet is producing material which is processed to collect methane for cooking and fertilizer for food production. Glowing reddish particles show the path of his waste being translated into productive energy.

(Image credit Jacquie Manning)

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2019 - 2020
Lydia Kallipolitti
Los Angeles, CA / Sidney, AU