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ImmersiveInfrastructures (i2), founded by Prof. Amber Bartosh, has a focus on design, representation, exhibition, installation, and advance visualization; i2’s research integrates professional practice and demonstrated through design-centric physical construction. Current research projects build and examine the immersive infrastructures of the built environment using hybrid-reality simulations and interactive design experiences. Visualizations explore the communication of data related to system performance, energy/fluid flows, and resource allocation. The targeted audience includes designers, instructors, students, clients, and the non-disciplinary community. The implementation ranges in scale from material investigations to urban geographies. Custom-programmed environments are designed using digital modeling coupled with video-game engines to provide interactive user interfaces via virtual reality, augmented reality and digital projection. Prof. Bartosh’s design–based research focuses on design, representation, and advance visualization. This research is supported by her professional practice experience and demonstrated through design-centric physical construction, exhibition, and installation. A Syracuse Center of Excellence (CoE) FacultyFellow since 2015, Bartosh is co-director of the Interactive Design andVisualization Lab (IDVL). The IDVL is a collaborative design environment for interdisciplinary research, community outreach and professional partnership that support the CoE’s charge to create better Indoor Environments.