The pedagogical objectives of this integrated, architectural design studio is to provide students of architecture with an educational experience in a design process that links architectural ideas, spatial thinking and building technologies as interdependent, mutually supportive and conceptually expressive.This integrated design studio leverages the opportunities of developing architectural concepts that permeate through the multiple layers of the building constituents. From this perspective, the structural and environmental systems of our built landscape, often understood as utilitarian consequences of architectural production, as elements merely serving ‘larger’ and ‘indifferent’ design concepts, will rather be considered as active agents in the production of architectural space. To reverse such usual dynamic, this integrated studio will consider architecture as a set of complex, interrelated system and will address technical building systems (Structure, Heating, Ventilation, AirCooling, Energy production, consumption, and recovery etc...) as possessing social, ecological, and political agency. This will help the class to speculate on the role and impact of technology and materiality on the future of our contemporary society. Ultimately, students will be developing their own material and aesthetic sensibility to position the architectural object within the context of the contemporary city

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Fall 2020
Prof. Amber Bartosh
Syracuse University School of Architecture
Awards & Honors