Creating and planning communities in the virtual environments of Massive MultiplayerOnline games can reform the collaborative process of idea generating in community planning by facilitating player agency in its design. Player agency describes the ability of a player within a game to interact meaningfully with their existing game-world. More than simple action/feedback interactivity, agency refers to knowing actions taken by the player that result in significant changes within the world (Gibbs, 2011). In this practice, player agency establishes inquiry about control and maximum freedom within not only the game environment but in parallel to the process of collaborative community planning. As follows, two imperative questions to be answered in the investigation of this paper: Can massive multiplayer online games serve as a tool to stimulate player agency and collaboration in the planning process? how can player agency result in a complex legible order, rather than descend into visual chaos?

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September 2016
Prof. Amber Bartosh Temitope Olujobi
Responsive Cities